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someone kill this man honestly

who the fuck does this

What the fuck I feel so bad for this woman…. First of all who even cares if you’re shoplifting from walmart? Walmart doesn’t even care, they have plenty of money they don’t care if some woman wants to steal some makeup or whatever.. They seriously don’t care about shoplifters. Also what possesses someone to act like this man? Like really you’re gonna harass and terrify a woman until she leaves the store?? She was literally running, she was totally freaked out. Who does this guy think he is?

this is fucking horrible

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Anonymous inquired:
"Transgender adult model cyber-bullies a kid." You didn't do a great job with your public image there. What are we going to think about you? What do you want us to think? "She started it," you might say. You might say anything, but you're an adult model; therefore you're an adult too, you should behave like one. It's your role. Are you exempt from acting like an adult? No.


im going to ruin the good name of transsexual porn models everywhere by encouraging my followers to cyberbully the tumblr user who has been sending transphobic harassment to my page


When people object with:

"If you say you chose to be trans that does a disservice to real trans people who had no choice and justifies their mistreatment”

they are not actually helping any trans people rather they are trying to reduce our experiences, our identities and our lives into something intelligible to their heteropatriarchal mindset. The possibility of a multiplicity of trans narratives makes grouping us and controlling us difficult. The demand for one narrative is actually a demand to control and subjugate us and to negate the parts of us that don’t fit neatly heteropatriarchal categories.

My narrative being different does not hurt any of my trans sisters, nor do theirs hurt me, but attempts to place us into one clean fitting box we mostly don’t fit is a clear act of violence against us all.


he has the slick back goin on

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Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer and Kit Harington at the HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. [x]

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danny devito legit fucking tweeted this

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